Somat Excellence 4-in-1 Dishwasher Capsules (45 Pack)


Product Description Somat Excellence: A Powerful 4-in-1 Formula for Dishwashers for Efficient Cleaning even in Eco Friendly Cycles Somat Excellence 4-in-1 dish detergent capsules contain a multi-functional dishwashing detergent made of a powder, combined with three unique solid gel chambers in a bio-degradable water-soluble film. The unique German Gel Technology leaves no residue or dried-on water spots, meaning there is no need for polishing after the dishwasher cycle is done. Instead, enjoy brilliant shine and sparkle, straight from the dishwasher to the table. With a powerful formula that acts against stubborn burnt-in stains, Somat Excellence dishwasher detergent tablets are suitable for all dishwasher-safe plates, glasses, mugs, bottles, pots, plastics and pans. Somat is committed to a cleaner world: Biodegradable and 100% water-soluble film.The box is made with 50% recycled plastic; box and lid are recyclable.Plants operate with 100% renewable electricity and their production has zero waste to landfills.Switch & Save: Save water and up to 20% of energy by switching to low temperature eco and short cycles, where these Somat Excellence Caps will still efficiently deliver the same excellent cleaning result. Application of this dishwashing machine detergent: Easy and clean: no need to unwrap the water-soluble cover.Put 1 capsule directly in the dosing chamber of the dishwasher per wash cycle.Don't put the capsule in the cutlery basket or in the dosage box for salt. Recommendations: Taking care of the dishwasher is important – it is recommended to keeping the dishwasher maintenance up to scratch in a few easy steps with Somat Duo Machine Cleaner. For additional sparkle and shine, use the Somat Rinser + Drying Booster. Manufacturer Contact Information For customer service, please call Henkel Home, AU: 1300 856 051 NZ: 0508 528 637

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About this item Efficient Cleaning – The 4-in-1 dishwashing detergent capsules consist of a cleaning powder that is released first and 3 solid gels that are released in the rinse cycle Fights Stubborn Stains – This detergent for dishwashers provides a deep clean with a unique enzyme blend, acting against stubborn stains even in eco friendly cycles Delicate Dish Protection – The unique German dishwasher gel technology formula packed in the solid gel chambers protects delicate dishes and avoids corrosion Dishwasher Care – Protect more than just dishes with these dishwasher tabs that have a special preventative-care combination of ingredients to protect dishwashers