Radox Feel Extreme Shower Gel 1 L


Radox Feel Extreme Shower Gel cleanses your skin while recharging your batteries with its mood-boosting fragrance. Wake up and smell the sea salt. Say yes to punchy sea minerals and no to boring limits and excuses. Dive into today wholeheartedly. Feel rejuvenated, fresh and ready to kick-start your day with our body wash. Suitable for daily use, our shower gels rinse off easily, leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. From as early as 1908, Radox founders used a unique blend of minerals and herbs to ease the fatigue of weary bodies and minds. From reviving the tired feet of early travellers to helping hardworking people find a moment of solitude and sanctuary, Radox is rooted in the transformative power of mineral therapy. We have a long history of everyday therapy – we call it your daily R&R, Radox Mineral Therapy. As smell is one of the most important senses, fragrance has the power to lift you when you’re down, to awaken you when you rise, to make you sleep, love, create, dream. It has the power to genuinely transform how you feel. There’s hardly a mood in society that can’t be moved by fragrance. And there’s barely a person on Earth who can’t be affected by scent. Life’s a rollercoaster of emotions, and it can be a challenge to constantly feel the way you want to. That’s why Radox’s fragrance combinations are specially designed to unleash a mood, whether you want to be energised or refreshed, uplifted or soothed. And that’s why we ask each one of you, ‘How do you want to feel?’.

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About this item Get ready to tackle the day head-on with Radox Feel Extreme Shower Gel Wake up and smell the sea salt – our body wash has a refreshing scent of sea minerals and citrus fragrance that leaves you feeling fresh and clean Radox shower gel washes away bacteria and makes you feel revitalised with its mood-changing fragrance Our body wash is a perfect alternative to soap and is suitable for daily use Rinses off easily; squeeze out and lather on your body to let the fresh, energising sea breeze invigorate you Radox shower gel is proudly made in Australia