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About this item Early Education Toy: Unicorns balance letter toys is a combination of preschool children’s educational toys, it can cultivate children’s hands-on ability, spelling ability, thinking ability, improve children’s cognition of mathematics and letters, and exercise children’s memory. Unicorns Balance Game: Pick a card, cover up the answer from the card, let the child calculate the answer, put the three-dimensional number of the answer and the corresponding number of small unicorns on both sides of the balance to maintain the balance of the balance.Interesting learning toys can easily attract children’s attention, satisfy children’s curiosity, and let children enjoy the fun of learning mathematics. Mathematics Arithmetic Learning: After cover the answers, children can use simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to correctly place the card content into a formula and calculate the correct answer. Unique and interesting learning methods can stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, improve logical thinking ability, enhance time concept, and help children develop positive learning habits. Spelling & Word Recognition: Children use cards to spell and place words correctly,small letters , making it easier for children to learn. The words on the card are divided into 3 levels of 3 letters, 4 letters and 5 letter words, allowing children to learn from simple to difficult. Children can learn about various animals, colors, food, body parts, and various daily necessities while playing games. Kids Learning Gift: Unicorns toy learning set includes: Unicorns balance*1, letter card slot*1, balance plate*2, three-dimensional number*10, little unicorns*19, letter*10, card*32, number symbol*25. Learning toys can be used as birthday gifts, party toys, holiday gifts and Christmas gifts. Children can experience the joy of learning in the game.