Granblue Fantasy: Relink Day One Edition – PlayStation 5


The international hit mobile and PC game Granblue Fantasy returns to consoles as an action RPG with a real-time combat system. The beautiful 2D artwork enjoyed by millions of fans has been painstakingly recreated in gorgeous 3D with cutting-edge visuals, as players traverse the familiar Sky Realm teeming with new life and details. Prepare your battle party by selecting up to four characters with unique skill sets to suit your fighting style as you take on giant enemies that seemingly stretch forever into the sky, or hop online to join up to three friends for cooperative multiplayer to tackle quests together when Granblue Fantasy Relink launches February 1st. Day One edition includes: DLC Voucher 1: Day One Bonus (Redeemable in console game): • 4 x Sigils • Attack Power III • Regen III • Critical Hit Rate III • Fast Learner III • 10 x Fortitude Shards • 5 x Glitterstone (S) • 30 x Mastery Point DLC Voucher 2: Granblue Special Item Set (Redeemable in browser / mobile game) • Main Character Outfit “Rebelwear” • One of the following sets: Eternals’ Transcendence Set or Evokers’ Domain Set.

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About this item Originally drawn artwork converted into stunning 3D graphics Full single player Story mode with 10 stages across 2 towns 16 gameplay styles unique to each character 80 unique enemy types